Introducing Humanity!

Introducing Humanity!

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Welcome to HumanityEdit

Welcome To The Home Of The Human Race.

The Future Belongs To Us All!

About HumanityEdit

The Human Race.

"I love how our Wiki, under the About Humanity subheading, simply says The Human Race. I absolutely LOVE that. I think that says more than PAGES of content! Think it through..

What IS Humanity? The Human Race.. Nothing more..

What IS this Facebook chat? This is a Facebook chat started about a six-year-old project to essentially provide an "administration department" for the Human Race. A "customer support" wing, if you will.. :)

You see, if you think about it - we don't really have anything like that at the moment. There is no number you can call, so to speak, to contact the Human Race. Who represents the people of Earth? Who empowers them and funds them and brings them together? Through which mechanism do they decide how to move the species forward; how do they decide on, plan and carry out large species-wide projects? How do they resolve conflicts? How do they collaborate together toward common goals, and act effectively - not talk but ACT, for the first time in the history of Humanity - actually ACT - to achieve world peace, universal prosperity and the other shared goals and dreams of humankind.

Who does all of those things and more?

WE do.


The Human Race.

Who governs Humanity? Humanity governs Humanity. YOU govern YOU. WE govern OURSELVES. WE represent OURSELVES. WE economically empower OURSELVES. WE plan the grand species-wide projects, and WE carry them out. It is simply WE - Humanity - The Human Race - do you see?.. :)"

August 9, 2017 - Facebook Humanity Chat Edit


  1. Current Focus: Consciousness. Earth. Tech. Space.
  2. Welcome to Year 8!
  3. Humanity Internet Beta 2 & Apps Coming!

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Upcoming Expenses

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Humanity Policy v0.045

Updated 1/21/2016 8:33pm EST. New Update Soon!

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View more at Map of Humanity - updated July 31 2017!

Map Of Humanity (July 31 2017)

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Introducing Humanity!

Introducing Humanity!

Humanity Internet

Humanity Internet



Humanity Cities

Humanity Cities



Humanity Technologies Summary (2015)

Humanity Internet

Humanity Mobile App

User Tab of Main Menu on Humanity Internet Beta 2

Humanity Internet - Empower Crowdfunding - Discover Grid

Humanity Cities

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