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Humanity DevicesEdit

Humanity Devices are being developed by Humanity Technologies Inc.

Humanity Devices will deliver Humanity Internet - one of three parts of Humanity!

The other two parts of Humanity are Humanity Cities and Humanity Space.

Humanity will issue a free ownership & voting share to every human alive.

Humanity Technologies is also developing Apps and other technologies.

Humanity Technologies will also focus strongly on Space and AI, including Robotics.

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Humanity Internet Video Walkthough - 10 Minutes.

Humanity Audio Introduction- 1 Hour Presentation!

Humanity Frequently Asked Questions (2015 - New Version Soon!)

Me Tab of Main Menu on New Internet - Humanity Internet Beta 2.

Discover Grid of Humanity Empower - Humanity Internet Beta 2.


  • Available Late 2018-19
  • Seven Hardware Product Lines
  • Phones, Tablets, TVs to Ship First
  • All to Ship Within 5 Years

Device ListEdit

  • Phones [2018+]
  • Tablets [2018+]
  • Televisions [2018+]
  • Headsets [2019+]
  • Headphones [2019]
  • Smartwatches [2019+]
  • Contacts [2020+]


Introducing Humanity!

Introducing Humanity!



Humanity Technologies Summary (2015)

Humanity Internet

Humanity Mobile App

User Tab of Main Menu on Humanity Internet Beta 2

Humanity Internet - Empower Crowdfunding - Discover Grid